This website describes a citizens initiative to establish an independent global climate trust.

Welcome. We are looking for people and organisations interested in helping to develop the idea and contribute to the project.

The purpose of the website is to

a) announce the launch of this initiative and keep track of progress
b) make contact with anyone interested in helping and
c) share relevant information

The site has three main pages:

Why a global climate trust? | How it could work | Why a citizens initiative?

Why a global climate trust? We face a climate emergency. The latest science requires urgent steps to limit global warming through immediate reductions in emissions of global warming gases. And the simplest way to do this and at the same time advance social justice that will engage the participation by all countries of the world is by means of a global Cap and Dividend or Cap and Share scheme. To administer such schemes, an independent global climate trust is required.

How it could work Here you will find our suggestions as to how the trust might work. These can be modified and expanded as the project proceeds. Note in particular our suggestion that the constitution of the trust would require it to apply principles based on social justice, the Earth Charter, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the Biodiversity Convention. The Trust would also be required to operate with total transparency and strict accountability.

Why a citizens initiative? Not only is it legally possible for ordinary citizens to initiate new global arrangements, we think that, unless we do so, there is very little chance that a well designed and independent body will be created. We will need to cooperate closely with governments, but the initiative and responsibility for establishing the Trust can be undertaken independently. This follows precedents set by a small group of Swiss citizens whose initiative led to the formation of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This section of the website describes the process we envisage for forming the trust and getting it up and running. The aim is to establish the Trust by the end of 2010 so as to be fully operative by the end of 2012. Here again, we plan to update this section of the site from time to time to include reports of progress with the initiative.

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Contact us. The final section of the site enables anyone wishing to help this project to contact us.